Deocration Policies

As OWNERS of burial plots in either Old Sheridan or Sheridan West Cemetery, you are responsible for any maintenance and upkeep of all things placed on your burial plot, including the tombstone and everything permanently attached to it. The grounds will be maintained by the staff.

  • Decorations will be allowed AT ALL TIMES if they are placed securely on the TOP of the tombstones OR in vases which are ATTACHED TO or are a PERMANENT PART of the tombstone or its foundation.
  • Decorations ARE allowed between December 1 and April 1. Winter decorations must be removed by April 1 or they will be removed and disposed of by cemetery staff.
  • Decorations are allowed TWO WEEKS prior to, and TWO WEEKS after Memorial Day. Those not removed by the deadline will be disposed of by staff.
  • Fences, railings, shepherd’s crooks, solar lights, or other similar decorations are ONLY ALLOWED TEMPORARILY at the above stated times.
  • NO rocks or gravel may be placed at tombstones at any time.
  • Items such as toys, statues, memorabilia, etc. will be removed IF they become windblown or interfere in any way with normal maintenance.
  • All decorations or items removed will be disposed of, and will not be held in the cemetery garages or office.
  • Please plan to pick up anything you wish to save, or make arrangements with someone local to pick them up for you.

Thank you for your cooperation as we try to continue to keep our cemeteries a beautiful resting place.

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